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Halo: Reach Original Soundtrack Giveaway - EXTENDED!

Attention HALO:REACH fans!

This contest has been extended! Due to technical issues contest will now run until 10am on 10/25/2010.

We've got a special treat for you. If you like HALO: REACH or if you've enjoyed the music while playing, you'll want this 2-disc CD set of the HALO: REACH Original Soundtrack.

Thanks to Sumthing Else Music works, we have 10 copies to give to you, our readers. All you have to do is follow this link {expired} and click the button to enter.

Sumthing Else Music Works is the world's leading music label for gamers dedicated to releasing the latest and greatest soundtracks from video game's biggest franchises including HALO, God of War, Fable, Gears of War, Hitman, Mass Effect, Resident Evil, Street Fighter, Uncharted as well as exciting new properties such as Alan Wake, Borderlands and Infamous. Join Sumthing Else Music Works online: facebook.com/SumthingElseMusicWorks or twitter.com/SumthingDigital.

This HALO: REACH Original Soundtrak 2-disc CD is released to retail outlets through Sumthing Else Music Works www.sumthing.com and available for digital download on Sumthing Digital (www.sumthingdigital.com) and iTunes®.

Thanks for reading and good luck!


  • Hopefully I win this >.<, it's time I won something right¿

  • I hope I win.

  • Well, hope I win!

  • Winner is me...I hope.

  • I want to win

  • Mod

    Holy crap, in 3 days this soundtrack contest has gotten more views than the PS3 Extreme Mods contest has in the past 2 weeks o_o;  People really like their Halo music I guess.

  • I want to win this so BAD

  • Please let me win.

  • Good Luck 2 Everyone

    Hope someone wins

  • just wondering if i can win if the link to enter is blank??


    broken links, so monkeys are running your I T department.

  • Broken link here for 2 days also!

  • I would love to win this.

  • wow how the hell are we supposed to win if the link is broken. its been down for like a week already. this proves the fact that nobody at GI reads these messages.

    you guys suck.

  • This would be so awesome.  

  • The sountrack for halo?that would make a great souvineir.

  • For my brother!


  • cant wait to win this!

  • Please my boys would love it.

  • I'd love to win!

  • Great to win.............

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