Our friends at Extreme-mods.com are back! While everybody and their mothers are trying to convince you that back-to-school is something to celebrate, we are here to save you from all this madness. I mean, really, dancing in the hallways with shiny backpacks and brand-spankin' new - wait for it - pencils?

Check out the PS3 Slim in a see-through Cyberbot case modded by Extreme-mods.com! One lucky random winner will be the only one smiling on the bus on the way home, or to their dorm room, or maybe, if you're a parent, you will be yelling "have a great day at school, buddy" from the living room while you're rocking the face off a zombie with a shark rifle.

Just follow this link and hit the click to enter button, done.
Sorry, too late. This has expired.

Good luck!