Hey Everybody! I've got some exciting news!

We have 400 tokens for the Kane and Lynch 2: Dog Days demo, coming soon to Xbox LIVE. Would you like one? I bet you would! These tokens will give you access to a taste of single-player action in arcade mode and a level ripped from the campaign, as well as a big helping of multiplayer. Team up with a buddy (or soon-to-be enemy) in Fragile Alliance, Undercover Cop, and Cops and Robbers modes.

To be one of the lucky ones to receive a token, follow this link.{expired} Only the first 400 users to enter will receive one so be quick!

Some legal stuff we should mention:

Demo tokens are available for consumers age 17+ in the US.

Consumers need a Token and an Xbox LIVE account to access (sorry, no PS3)

  • Silver LIVE account holders can download the demo and play offline only - single player Campaign and Arcade Modes
  • Gold LIVE account holders can play online multiplayer too.

Entering this giveaway does not guarantee you will receive a token. Be sure to use a valid email address since that is where we will be sending more information and your Token.

Tokens can only be activated once demo is live Thursday, July 1st.