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Dead to Rights: Retribution Sweepstakes

Hi all! My name is Amanda Rayne and I'm excited to tell you about the Dead to Rights: Retribution Sweepstakes. Sorry for the delay. Life has been crayzay lately. Some of you might have seen my blog in the user section, where I talk about my internship at Temple Networks (innocent plug), bullet-time Twinkies (cute plug), and dog attacks caught on camera (embarrassingly shameless plug). Anyways, I'm here to promote a contest, not myself (what kind of person do you think I am?!) The action in DTR is awesome and you can read Jeff Cork's review of the game here. Alpinestars actually created some gear based on the game. Check out Alpinestars clothing here.

Dead to Rights: Retribution Sweepstakes
Grand Prize consists of:
One copy of Dead to Rights: Retribution (XBOX360 or PS3)
One Alpinestars Clothing Pack (retail value: $300)

Three runners-up will receive:
One copy of Dead to Rights: Retribution (XBOX360 or PS3)

Click HERE {expired} to enter this sweepstakes.On the entry page, click on the "enter here" button. You must be at least 17 years old to qualify. This contest expires on June 4th, 2010  June 18th, 2010 July 6th [extended].
(We apologize for all the technical glitches we've had on this one. They are worked out this time I promise!)


  • Sweet!

  • ...or you could have just put it on hear when it was ready
  • Today is monday may 10 so where is this sweep stakes! and it's 5:20 P.M

  • nobody eles dont even think about entering the contest im gonna win this game lol
  • So when is soon?

    Anyways if a winner doesn't respond to his/her e-mail just feel free to contact me instead :P

  • Patience my friends, we're getting it up any minute now. (...okay, maybe any hour now) In the meantime, why don't you have a bullet-time Twinkie? (shameless blog plug)


  • Sweet, I want to enter sweepstakes, this game looks great!!!

  • Meh, I'll try, but I never win anything....

  • told yea ive aleady won it  so dont come back cking

  • I could use $300 bucks worth of clothes, I'm tired of wearing sewn together leaves and newspaper hats :)

  • wow, i figured the clothes would be t-shirts and baseball caps with the dead to rights logo on them but, these are the real deal, fancy type clothes my friends

  • great giveaway!

  • Dude I hope i win man forreal it sucks that you may have bad luck well i hope i win....

  • id enter but im 14 and eitherway the chances of winning are 1/1000000 but its still pretty cool to see what the prizes are

  • Awww yeah. This game looks great. I hope I win.

  • This looks awesome!

  • Love it, bring it on.

  • My b-day's on June 3rd. It'll be awesome if I conjure up a win.

  • Has anyone else gotten this?

    Well, @#$%^&*!

    Sorry for the inconvenience, but there's been an error. We know, we know - epic fail on our part. Our diligent code monkeys have received this error and if they are unable to fix it, they will be... dealt with.

    hahaha..i got this....em...unusual error message...typical gi!!! haha

  • I'm getting the same Error message, Gistheking.

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