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Robert Carter's Panau Island Giveaway {expired}

If you were to be stranded on a deserted island and I could give you three things, what would they be?

Yes, I know, I know, it's supposed to be "wishes" and so on and so forth. For those of you who haven't been following my blog, I'm Robert Carter and I've been a guest blogger here on GIO for a few weeks. I've just returned from my latest assignment in Panau Island. What a trip! The most beautiful scenery, awesome weather, great food... however, it is a very unstable world. I have been witness to some of the most unbelievable situations one could imagine: Car jackers dropping from the sky; people riding airplanes like skateboards; and perfectly orchestrated mass explosions that make the heart smile... uh, I mean, stop... no, jump. Oh, who am I kidding. The explosions are a thing of beauty.

Back to my initial question: What three things would I give you? To distract you from the boring island solitude: your own copy of "Just Cause 2." Then, for those down moments when you're riding the bicycle-powered electricity generator to power your console, I'll give you something to read: "Just Cause 2: Prima Official Game Guide."  And lastly, to replenish your hunger and thirst: One coconut. Delicious and nutritious. There will be six lucky winners: two for XBOX360, two for PS3, and two for PC.

You must be at least 17 to be eligible to win. You may enter once a day from now until May 14th. And you can do so by following THIS LINK. {too late, this contest has expired}

And lastly, if you were stuck on a deserted island (heaven forbid), and I were a genie in a bottle (what?) which you were to rub (please don't), what would you wish for (limit 3 per deserted, lonely customer)?

  • I am SO entering this for the coconut =D

    I would wish for a natural spring, the island to be vegetated with all types of tropical foliage, and my girlfriend to be teleported there.

    Time to start living in island paradise =D

  • I wish for: peanut butter, a monkey who's allergic to peanut butter and also plays Ping-Pong , and a monkey size coffin.(for no reason what so ever).
  • @ Pater + Alejandro:  1 cage, 1 Barbie-sized folding chair, 1 jar of PB, and a Tapir, a Narwhal, and a Cotton-topped Tamarin (no allergies). No holds barred.

  • I wish for Just cause 2, Just Cause 2guide-book, and a coconut...what? I get those things if I win? Oh, than I take the monkey who plays ping-pong.

  • Two words: coconut... crap
  • Nacho Surius

  • A beachside villa, a staff of servants and the money to keep it all going.

  • To make it rain subway sandwichs(cloudy and a chance of meatballs lol a total copy),a flag to mount my new island XD, and the coconuts have beer inside instead of milk XD

  • Well I would wish for a lightsaber, force powers and my own death star.

  • I'd need a fishing pole, vast quantities of alcohol, and a beach chair.

  • A working Helicopter, plenty of gas for said Helicopter, and a helicopter Pilot (hahahaha) so that I could get off the island and back to my beloved games.

  • I would want a dirt bike, a huge knife, and a piano!  

    all that stuff would be AWESOME!

  • Make a bikini out of the coconut.

  • I could use the coconut for my tropical drink.

  • Man, I want that coconut.

  • 1.unlimited wishes 2.every game in the world 3.every game console...

  • I would wish for a female counterpart for company, that me being on this island doesn't turn out I'm on Lost, and perhaps once i had enough of this island vacation i would wish to get off it.

  • 1.A beverage bar that never ran out 2.same thing but a food bar

    3.hotnaked women that never die.

  • Uh, Zeus you should probably rephrase that as "that never age".

    Otherwise they'll become old and disgusting or go crazy and try to kill you and won't be able to stop them. You pick what's worse.

    Anyways, what I'm trying to say is be careful what you wish for.  

  • mean nasty 'survival' knife, tarp, lots of matches in a waterproof safe. I wanted to include an all-clad stock pot that i could take with me when i left the island - i do get off the island, right? - but can't have it all, huh?