There is nothing I like more then giving away opportunities like these...the opportunity for someone to be the first. I'm excited, and I hope you are too.

Attention Xbox 360 owners! If you want to take part in the BlurTM Multiplayer Beta, here's your chance.

Blur's online multiplayer beta gives gamers the ability to choose from a variety of licensed vehicles including European and Japanese tuners, Supercars, American Muscle cars, original concept cars and more.

Be the first to experience:

  • A Sampling of Blur's 20-Player Online Multiplayer Racing
  • A Sampling of Blur's Comprehensive Multiplayer Ranking System
  • A Sampling of Blur's Social Network User Interface Functionality
  • A Sampling of Blur's Multiplayer Game Modes
  • A Sampling of Blur's Multiplayer Real-World Track Locations
  • A Sampling of Blur's 50+ Licensed Vehicles

Giveaway has been extended because we still have codes left so enter to win access by clicking this link! [sorry, too late]

Good Luck!