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A Penny for Your Thoughts: Win one of four $50 GameStop Gift Cards {expired}

Riddle me, riddle me, what's the word?
I thought I saw a funky bird.
Below the mantle he did do.
Yes, it was stinky, oh pew.

Answer these questions, one by one,
Leave your email when you're done.
For a chance at one of four
Gift Cards for the GameStop store.

Riddle you, riddle you, and good luck!
This marker's leaking... what the duck?!

HERE'S THE LINK!  (Sorry. Already expired)

  • long survey but i'm sure it was worth it.

  • Is this one of those "brown nose and win survey's" because if so I know I won't win because I tell the truth.

  • good survey i bt ill win i hope but if the guy below or on top wins then thats still coo

  • I will win i just know these things ;)

  • i better win

  • Just finished it.  Hope i win.

  • *Insert convincing reason to why I should win here*

  • when will we know the winner?

  • i hope i win

  • I WON!! Well not really, but I hope I do though.

  • That was done in lieu of me being on time for work... I believe I deserve it!  :)

  • I wana win!

  • *sits in a corner, chanting "Must have Mass Effect 2" over and over*

    When will my precious be in my inbox??? :-(

  • Expired!!! :(

  • Nice sonnet. :)

  • WTF!! Survey closed!!

  • when i click on the link it goes to something weird what do i do?

  • I like the " what the duck?!" part :)

  • Ooooooh, link seems expired.

  • wish i knew the odds of winning......