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A Penny for Your Thoughts: Win one of four $50 GameStop Gift Cards {expired}

Riddle me, riddle me, what's the word?
I thought I saw a funky bird.
Below the mantle he did do.
Yes, it was stinky, oh pew.

Answer these questions, one by one,
Leave your email when you're done.
For a chance at one of four
Gift Cards for the GameStop store.

Riddle you, riddle you, and good luck!
This marker's leaking... what the duck?!

HERE'S THE LINK!  (Sorry. Already expired)

  • It would be sweet to win that card!

  • I want to win this...I neevr win anything!

  • im totally gona win.

  • I really hope I win. I need $50 for upcoming games like Monster Hunter Tri, L.A. Noire and Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

  • i hope all 4 of us win

  • Yes, keep the giftcard surveys coming GI.

    Hope I win all 4 of them. :P

  • long survey...

  • YAY!! I love surveys I think im addicted to them.

  • Staff

    First of all, thank you to all the guys and girls who've filled out the survey. It really means a lot to us as we are constantly trying to make GI and GI.com even better. In the end, we wouldn't exist without you, the reader, so thank you!

  • Can we do surveys every day like some of the other contests, or is it one time only?  

  • poo


  • For some reason, I really enjoy filling out surveys and questionnaires.  The possible $50 I can win just makes it that much sweeter.  If I do get that gift card, then hello Mass Effect 2...


  • It's gotta be POO! It looks like a funky bird when its coming out, a dog can do it in front of the mantle, and it is MOST DEFINITELY stinky!! Well not mine of course (it smells like roses), but my girlfriend's for sure!


  • that was fun, I hope I win.

  • Thank you GI for being the only magazine that I look forward to getting every month! You guys are asking how you can be a better magazine??? IDK how you guys can ROCK any more than you already do! Keep up the AWESOME work!

  • I'm gonna win. I can feel it...

  • you think if you tell them what they want to hear it would increase the chances of winning?

  • @ the ultimate bohab. Yes of course I will tell them there are a great magazine because they are. If you do not seem to think so then why are you on this site? A little positive input from the readers never hurts, I would like to win yes but that is not the reason I Complimented them. I did so because I feel it to be the truth. Would my comment have been any different if posted to a different forum, or have different meaning... no it would not have. I was only meaning to thank them for the great services and opportunities they provide this community ex. this contest among others. We are all gamers and in being so, brothers and sisters so lets act like it.

  • Love a marketing based survey like that, as adverts in mags/sites and on tv do not go into the figuring of what to purchase at all, and I answer as such. Actually that may not be totally true; there are things that I was on the fence about that I decided to not buy due to bad/annoying marketing (but that's usually more on the movies side than vidja games).

    There should have been questions about direct downloads, but then I guess they don't care about that stuff because GS and other stores don't sell them (they do sell the cards with credit to those various sources though).

    GI/GIO does actually influence me to buy a fair amount of XBLA stuff (or at least hip me to it, usually the demo's what ends up sealing the deal, or ends up being the deal breaker). Other recent purchases that were at least partially influenced by GI/GIO were Darksiders (though I had a few friends rave to me about that one before I eventually picked it up as well), and Plants Vs Zombies (though there was a pretty funny rant about it on KoL radio). But this is always based on the word of an editor (or the GIO forum peeps), not based on adverts.

    The one area where adverts are useful to me is for consoles when they first come out, but only in so far as they show what games are coming to that console; the "coolness" or whatever other marketing tool used in the adverts beyond just showing the games doesn't work. That said there are game commercials that are very cool, like the ones for Dante's Inferno, but I'm not buying that game regardless (and the GI/GIO review also didn't figure into the decision to pass on that one despite it's cool setting/theme/source of inspiration for the narrative aspects).