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Music Survey = $50 Gift Card Sweepstakes {expired}

Do you love music games? Do you hate them? Why? Tell us what you think and get a chance to win one of two $50 GameStop Gift Cards.

Click on this link [expired], complete the short survey, and most of all, don't forget to leave your email at the end. I say this with the utmost respect for your privacy, because as always Game Informer does not ever give out your email address to anybody out there. Not even for a ham sandwich. This Sweepstakes ends on February 15, 2010.

Now go rock on! Or if you're more like me, spin that record, baby!

  • YessiR !! I hope I win this ONE !!


  • Sweet, thanks for the contest, but you guys left out Beatmania on the list of music games.

  • Yeah anther contest for 50 dollars.

  • I believe that Music Games still have a future!!

  • Alot of music games were left out of this survey like DDR, beatmania ect, that are kind of old school but IMO paved the way for these new music games that are now just ruining the industry. We need a new Mario Paint or something unique, not another guitar hero ><

  • would you give it out for 2 ham sandwiches?

  • I want to win.

  • what can you do with $50 nowadays with video games?

  • You wouldn't even tell someone for a ham sandwhich? You sir, are a mad man.

  • Rock and Roll will never die

  • Yes! I could use this!

  • Whoever said rock and roll is dead has serious issues with music , because I dont think it's going away anytime soon.

  • Rock and roll probably won't die. It might evolve and change, but that happens to all music forms after a while. The general tastes of society change and with that comes a change in direction for the arts, technology, etc.

    I DO think these music games are both good and bad. I think they're good because they encouraged certain groups of people to become exposed to different forms of art they otherwise would not have come in contact with. However, I am getting awfully tired of hearing retards who claim that just because they can beat these bloody games on expert mode, that must mean playing music is easy. Playing music will forever be an art, and art takes passion and effort. Unless if you've tried the drums in these games, I don't think you honestly have a good enough grasp on what it means to pick up an instrument and play. Flicking a lil lever and pressing buttons and screaming your lungs out off key does NOT making you a musician.

    So yeah, they're good and bad. I don't hate them but I do despise the amount of ignorance it has caused, at least within my own community.

  • Hah, it said %50 giftcards at the end instead of $50.

  • Short survey, but I think I made my opinions clear through it. I hope I win!

  • As a huge Journey fan, I think that Rock Band needs to do a Journey Rock Band. I would never be able to stop playing.

  • @ Andrew  


    Lovin', touchin' squeezin' is a fun song to play.

  • They really need more cowbell in future music games (if you don't get the reference you are not cool).

  • Too... Many... Music Games...

  • no way, that card is mine.  I agree with that cowbell thing, i almost broke the mic trying to tap it againts the wall.  stupid microphone, glad i got rid of it.

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