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Star Trek Online Open Beta Sweepstakes {expired}


Hey Star Trek Fans! I know you've all been anticipating the release of Star Trek Online and I'm sure the wait is becoming unbearable!. In an attempt to ease your pain, Game Informer would like to entice you by giving you a chance to win yourself a beta key! Exciting I know!

This contest will only be running for 24 hours so enter now by clicking here (sorry this link has expired).

Good luck!

  • neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerds rejoice!

  • anybody got any idea when winners will be drawn? ^^

  • I'd love to know that as well asmo.  The rules say you have to respond to the notification if you win within 3 business days, but there's nothing about how quickly they'll have those initial emails out.

  • i hope really soon i would like to see if i won lol

  • .. or at least get to know that when I don't have to constantly check my emails anymore ;)

  • has anyone gotten a neta key

  • Hello, is this thing on?

    Where's the Keys?!?!  ;-)

  • Who Won?!?!?!

  • Awesome, I got key! Thanks so much Gameinformer.

  • thank you game informer for the key

  • I won a key! Thanks so much gameinformer!

  • I received an email on the 15th saying I won a beta key! I hope I can download it properly.

  • Staff

    We gave away 1000 keys so listing the winners on the website will be logistically impossible. If you entered this contest, check your email to see if you received a key.