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A Gift Card for Your Thoughts: Win one of four $50 GameStop Gift Cards {expired}

A penny???
Simple and easy: Fill out our survey with honesty and you have a shot at winning one of four $50 Gift Cards from Game Stop.

Here's the link and don't forget to enter your email address at the end.  Sorry too late...

  • That's ok ESL I forgive you this time. I'll only take your gift card if you win it. :)

    hahaha if i win it^_^

  • sweet. Hope I get those gift cards. Its christmas time and I want to get someone special that system they have been eyeballing.

  • C'mon, Mark, I got some very good incentives for you to make sure I GET ALL THE CARDSS!!!

  • how many times can u enter?

  • nevermind...

  • great...just what the world needs...something else for elitists to lord around over everybody as if spending money on one website (for information that could be obtained somewhere else on the web for FREE even) would somehow make them better than the rest of the world.

    way to go GI...fan that flame.

  • wooooo gamestop bunny he is sooo evil lol!

  • Good survey.  I'm glad to be a part of this. Huzzah.

  • enter me ty

  • maybe this will be my first time subscribing to a website.

  • I agree scary questions, I don't think "paid" is a good thing to do, unless the "paid" is for subscribers only, than I don't mind at all.

  • Hmm... that's not a bad deal, but the chance of winning is kinda slim.

  • @magical

    I agree the cahnces are very slim considering how long they leave this open so yeah. i know thgis wont happen but they shouyld do one where everyone wins and its like the first of this number to enter get this and so on till u get down to like the two hundredth entry

  • Really, when will this end?

  • its a contest! i hope i weein.

    (rat race)

  • lol, when i kept answering to no on premium content and what i would pay for, i felt less and less confident, cause they were probably like "hmm. so you don't suscribe anymore."


  • lol nice job Gabe. ah i am so impatient

  • soooooo who won?

  • please post the winners! I have to win something!

  • Honestly, GIO, for the question of would I pay for membership to clean up the forums I would. I hate how it is now, such a mess. I would pay to have it back the way it was.