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A Gift Card for Your Thoughts: Win one of four $50 GameStop Gift Cards {expired}

A penny???
Simple and easy: Fill out our survey with honesty and you have a shot at winning one of four $50 Gift Cards from Game Stop.

Here's the link and don't forget to enter your email address at the end.  Sorry too late...

  • im first ^_^

  • When does this end?

  • Mod

    Premium website content?  Yikes, scary territory there GI!

  • That was a good survey.

  • Find a penny, pick it up. All the day, you will have good luck.

  • Simple survey with scary content. I think this survey was e-mailed to me.

  • Is this a foreshadowing of any sorts? I'm ok with an elite status being present on this site.

  • When does this end?

  • Actually I was first, just didn't comment :P

    Anyways, I'm already paying subscription fee for the mag, I wouldn't want to pay a membership fee for the website too.

  • My bad!!!!  And like you I wouldn't pay for a membership fee for the website-_-

  • WTF! When does this end?

  • That's ok ESL I forgive you this time. I'll only take your gift card if you win it. :)

  • Sorry Game Informer, I would'nt be able to afford a premium membership if you offered it. To many good video games out right now has left me broke...

  • im tryin

  • That Bunny has become Gamestop's inspirational Mascot and if he's offering cash, he's always welcome to the poor with bleeding wallets.

  • how do they tell you if you won

  • What...Gift card from Gamestop!!!

  • Who cares if they put restrictions the site, Im getting a free gamestop card 8D !?!

  • Guha!?! The survey was fun to fill out.

  • There are some scary questions there gi but good survey.

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