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Oohhh... Shiny GiveAway: Win a modified XBOX360! {expired}

Say it with me: "Oohhh... shiny."

I'm very conflicted. On one hand, this is friggin' awesome! On the other, I'm straight-up jealous. Our good friends at Extreme-Mods.com have given us a brand new, modified XBOX 360 to give away. Oh, it's a thing of beauty. Did I mention it lights up? So, of course I'm stoked and excited for you, yet inside... I feel like a six-year old kid who has to share Halloween candy with his two year old brother and his 9 months old baby sister. She can't even say a full sentence. And no, "dadoo" is not "thank you". Am I wrong for feeling like this?  Do you feel my pain? Are you even reading this, or have you already skipped down to the link and entered the GiveAway? Hello? You guys have no shame. Sniff... I feel so used.

For those of you, who treat me like I'm more than just a 46px avatar, click on THIS LINK, then find the uber-secret "click here to enter" button, click that one. Done! The contest ends on 11/30/09 and you can enter once a day. That's 30 entries in your favor ;-)

Check out more images of the XBOX down below, or find more cool stuff of theirs at Extreme-Mods.com.

Community topic: In the comments box, tell me a time when you were conflicted. You know, the whole devil-on-one shoulder-angel-on-the-other scenario.

Specs and components:
XCM Xbox 360 Black Knight HDMI Case w/ Window
Whisper Fan - Blue for Xbox 360
XCM Core Cooler v2 - Blue LED for Xbox 360
Chrome Faceplate
XCM Hard Drive Case
XCM DVD Drive Cover
XCM Chrome Controller Case
Xbox 360 20 Gb HDD

  • Wow I would love to win this for my son. It would make his Christmas.

  • My last conflict......tattoo.  So I got a devil on shoulder....and you guessed it....an angel on the other shoulder.

  • really cool looking! but if you did this on your own i would be worried about your social life!

  • Apocalyptic!

  • Wow, that shiny 360 looks so sweet.  It is candy to my eyes.

  • I always had to share with my younger sibs too, not fun!  

  • That looks f'n sweet!

  • hell yeah

  • How do I win one of those?

  • @Justin yeah you made a good choice, never let someone get in your way of video games, I can see if you were playing WOW all the time and never paid attention to her but someone should never tell you have to choose between me or video games, that is just wrong.

  • Every time I walk into a gaming store or electronics store I am conflicted.  Technically I don't need a 52 inch tv, it sure would look nice on my wall.  hmmmm

  • Yay I entered and I feel special.

  • Sweet!! I want one

  • selling my ds to use the money on a psp 3000, I ended up going with it after making a list of pros and cons (ha) of reasons to go with the psp,  i got the psp and legend of zelda spirit tracks has made me kinda regret it, but my younger brother has a ds and he will trade me the psp for a weekend so I can play spirit tracks

  • nice

  • Cool

  • WHAT!  I checked the eligability and apparently, because I am a Canadian Citizen......I CAN'T ENTER!

    I am conflicted right now.  Do I move for this contest or stay here?

  • nice

  • Bright and Shiny

  • I was conflicted wether or not to eat 7 donuts in 5 minutes. The devil won that one...