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Oohhh... Shiny GiveAway: Win a modified XBOX360! {expired}

Say it with me: "Oohhh... shiny."

I'm very conflicted. On one hand, this is friggin' awesome! On the other, I'm straight-up jealous. Our good friends at Extreme-Mods.com have given us a brand new, modified XBOX 360 to give away. Oh, it's a thing of beauty. Did I mention it lights up? So, of course I'm stoked and excited for you, yet inside... I feel like a six-year old kid who has to share Halloween candy with his two year old brother and his 9 months old baby sister. She can't even say a full sentence. And no, "dadoo" is not "thank you". Am I wrong for feeling like this?  Do you feel my pain? Are you even reading this, or have you already skipped down to the link and entered the GiveAway? Hello? You guys have no shame. Sniff... I feel so used.

For those of you, who treat me like I'm more than just a 46px avatar, click on THIS LINK, then find the uber-secret "click here to enter" button, click that one. Done! The contest ends on 11/30/09 and you can enter once a day. That's 30 entries in your favor ;-)

Check out more images of the XBOX down below, or find more cool stuff of theirs at Extreme-Mods.com.

Community topic: In the comments box, tell me a time when you were conflicted. You know, the whole devil-on-one shoulder-angel-on-the-other scenario.

Specs and components:
XCM Xbox 360 Black Knight HDMI Case w/ Window
Whisper Fan - Blue for Xbox 360
XCM Core Cooler v2 - Blue LED for Xbox 360
Chrome Faceplate
XCM Hard Drive Case
XCM DVD Drive Cover
XCM Chrome Controller Case
Xbox 360 20 Gb HDD

  • Ymmmy!

  • sweet looking console

  • awesome

  • I don't remember being conflicted about buying anything-I always know what I want. The Best!

  • Is it okay for me to sign up?

    If you feel this way than you should keep it.

  • Honestly, I didn't think the console looked that cool... But then it lit up...

  • does commenting give me a better chance of winning???

  • wow now that's nice

  • I like it

  • shiny, I like shiny, pretty, pretty shiny

  • ooh shiny very nice case mod

  • Some ones is gana be mad when this gets RROD.

  • Fabulous giveaway. Nice shiny Xbox would make a great Christmas present for my son.

  • Wow that Xbox looks sick! great mod job!

  • This one time, I had to chose between the meatball sandwich and the BBQ pork sandwich in the cafeteria's vending machine. I almost cried.

  • My biggest conflict was should I join the Army or not. It was a hard decision but I decided to join as money is hard to come by.

  • It was Christmas of 2006 - my son's first Christmas and the first Christmas my wife and I would have as husband and wife. I saved up for months to be able to swing a good first Christmas for my family, but then my wife's car broke down and we had to take half of what I had saved ($2000) and fix her car leaving us with $1000. At the time I really really had my heart set on getting either a PS3 or an XBOX360.

    I ventured out to the mall that early December with what was left of my savings to look for things for my wife and son... and all of their stores were past the EBGames. Every time I thought about it I had to fight off trying to rationalize getting a game system. I'd think "My son is 1, it's not like he cares if he gets footie PJs and some onsies", and "My wife is easy to please, she'll understand if I don't go all out on her, she knows that I've been 'dying' to update my gaming systems."

    I even went to the store and sat in line for 30 minutes to mess with the systems and look at the available titles. Sat there. Staring. Fawning over them. A deep heat in my wallet, knowing I could buy one of them and still have enough to get a few 'okay' things for them... and then it was my turn to play the PS3. I played MotorStorm... I wasn't much for that particular game, but I got to play the PS3. It was another 15 minute wait to play the XB360.

    I made up my mind - I was getting the 360. So I got in line. My wife after all would understand that a man has needs and my son would have hours of fun staring at the colorful games and he'd be 'spending time with dad' - so I got in line - a long line of hurried parents and impatient kids most of whom were buying their new game system. I wasn't to be outdone.

    "Can I help you?" the voice across the counter said.

    "Yeah, let me get the XB360", was my response.

    "Do you want any games with it?", the sales associate said.

    I blanked out. "Uh.... you know what...."

    From the corner of my eye I saw a couple with their young son leave the store, the son thanking their parents with an excited tone and expression as they left the store. All I could think about was my son being disappointed - even though he was 1 and my wife 'having to settle' with some crappy skin care set and a bottle of perfume because I *needed* a game system.

    "...nevermind, I think I'll have to come back for this. I'm sorry."

    The associate took the box down from the counter and put it next to him on the floor as I walked away somewhat ashamed and embarrassed.

    I got my son a slew of age appropriate toys and clothes and my wife a certificate for a full treatment spa getaway as well as a necklace she'd been eyeing that she didn't think I had taken notice of. I was left with $30 when I was done that day.

    Walking out of the mall I had to pass EB Games...and overheard someone tell their child 'We'll have to go look for your XBOX at Toys'R'Us, they're all out here'.

    In the end I definitely did the right thing on all fronts, but that didn't mean that I wasn't heavily conflicted and disappointed. I still don't have the 360, but I got my PS3 FINALLY this past March - 3 years later.

  • that may be the mot gorgeous non femaile thing i have ever seen

  • Going through over five years of divorce and custody battles was enough conflict for me.

  • I want....Yeah...I want

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