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Oohhh... Shiny GiveAway: Win a modified XBOX360! {expired}

Say it with me: "Oohhh... shiny."

I'm very conflicted. On one hand, this is friggin' awesome! On the other, I'm straight-up jealous. Our good friends at Extreme-Mods.com have given us a brand new, modified XBOX 360 to give away. Oh, it's a thing of beauty. Did I mention it lights up? So, of course I'm stoked and excited for you, yet inside... I feel like a six-year old kid who has to share Halloween candy with his two year old brother and his 9 months old baby sister. She can't even say a full sentence. And no, "dadoo" is not "thank you". Am I wrong for feeling like this?  Do you feel my pain? Are you even reading this, or have you already skipped down to the link and entered the GiveAway? Hello? You guys have no shame. Sniff... I feel so used.

For those of you, who treat me like I'm more than just a 46px avatar, click on THIS LINK, then find the uber-secret "click here to enter" button, click that one. Done! The contest ends on 11/30/09 and you can enter once a day. That's 30 entries in your favor ;-)

Check out more images of the XBOX down below, or find more cool stuff of theirs at Extreme-Mods.com.

Community topic: In the comments box, tell me a time when you were conflicted. You know, the whole devil-on-one shoulder-angel-on-the-other scenario.

Specs and components:
XCM Xbox 360 Black Knight HDMI Case w/ Window
Whisper Fan - Blue for Xbox 360
XCM Core Cooler v2 - Blue LED for Xbox 360
Chrome Faceplate
XCM Hard Drive Case
XCM DVD Drive Cover
XCM Chrome Controller Case
Xbox 360 20 Gb HDD

  • Stupendous.

  • PRETTY COLORS!!! YAY!!! Sorry... Signing up.

  • I guess my conflict was getting a PS3 (160gb) or an elite xbox 360.

    Ultimately, I went with the ps3 and never looked back.

    But now, if I can win this, I can eat my slice pie and have the cake to or how ever it goes.  =I

  • Ooooooooooh - shiny is right! Pick me; pretty pretty please with sugar on top!!!

  • This ROCKS! I'd really love to win this - so pick me PLEASE ;)

  • Your instructions are not correct or the page is not set up right. It says to go to www.gameinformer.com/prepaid to enter. But the page doesn't exist. This just might be the growing pains of the new site. I would love to be considered for this great contest, send me a shout out when it gets fixed.

  • When does this contest end?

  • Mod

    When I got my 40GB PS3 off of amazon's black friday deal in '07.  I was conflicted over the money ($319) but I decided that was as good a deal I was going to get for a long time and went ahead and got it.  I was right too, it wouldn't be for nearly another 2 years that the PS3 was less than what I paid for it.

  • Getting married....and after 10 years i'm still conflicted lol

  • Now I'm a pretty dedicated Sony fanboy, but I'm not ashamed to say that those pictures turned me on... ;)

  • Oohhh... shiny.

    DO WANT.

  • Ooohhhhh, shiny!!

  • sleeping with my friends sister.Lust won out

  • I love bling! I am the Queen of bling. I so need to have this.

  • most recent I can think of is to get the regular edition of Demon's Souls or the Deluxe Edition. Ended up getting the DE. oh so worth it

  • I was conflicted last time I bought a car.  I had just had a baby... do I get a nice car or a crappy friggin minivan.  Well, I'm not going to tell you with which I ended up, but I can tell you that shiny = good.

  • That thing looks beast!!!

  • i was conflicted with getting a ps3 or a 360. i know im not the first or the last to say this was my conflict but its the only one i can think of at the moment. i spent about an hour or 2 talking with the people that worked there about which console to get. after a while i chose the PS3 and then i spent another hour or so for signing up with for some circuit city thing (the person had no clue what to do). then when i got home i realized i needed HD cables and that HOME wasn't out yet. lol

  • sexy box!!!! pardon the pun

  • This Xbox looks AMAZING!

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