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Quick Survey - Big Prizes: Win one of five $50 GameStop Gift Cards {expired}

Is it just me, or does it seem like the Holidays should be here already. "I want this! I want that!" is all that goes through my head. All these games I want and yet I don't even have the system of my dreams. Do you feel my pain? Are you one of the few who keeps entering our contests in hope to get just an inch closer to checking something off that wish list? Well, here's another chance to win some GameStop bucks:  Follow the link below, answer seven quick questions, and you could be one of the five lucky winners. All we need is your honest feedback. Winners will be randomly picked at the end of the month. And as usual, Game Informer never, never ever gives out your Email like those other so-called GiveAways. We like you.

Thanks and good luck.

Click here to get to the survey! {Too late. This survey has expired}

  • First.

    Well it's time for me to win something too... :P

  • Cool. Easy survey. It would be pretty cool to have a digital copy of the mag online, but paper would still be my thing! Oh, how I want that giftcard! It would go to my "Save up money so I can get a PS3" fund.

  • Mod

    Will lady luck be on my side this time, or will statistics once again prove me the fool?

  • Here's to hoping.

  • Entered hopefully I win as its my birthday on the 9th and it would be a cool birthday gift.

  • I would like a digital version of the magazine as a side by side supplement, but I don't know if I would want to give up having a print version of the magazine.

    With EGM gone (the announced new one will never replace the old) and other gaming and Anime magazines biting the dust or near their deathbeds, my bathroom magazine rack is getting awfully lonely, I still need my toilet reading material darn it.  

  • good luck to all...ESPECIALLY ME...LOL

  • Zmagnum hit the nail right on the head. The no. 1 reason for a print copy.... bathroom reading material :P

  • Great promo guys, good luck to everyone!


    I love the new look and the layout, very fresh. The only thing that I noticed was the color you picked for the names of the games. What I mean is, say in the Photofile section. The name of the game on top of the pictures isn't bold enough. Maybe a dark blue or even just plain 'ol black. Other than that, love the new zine. Keep up the good work!

  • It's game time!

  • There may be a trend to get everything downloaded or available online, but I like my tangibles in physical form.  It's a simple principle of economics and ownership possession.  As with my games, I like to actually hold and own the material I purchased.

  • hope I can win one of these

  • Paperback > Digital

  • Oh please...People still say "First"?

    I got this survey via email. I said that I would like the option to have a copy of the mag on the site, but don't take away my printed copy! Please don't take it away!

  • is the modern warfare 2 better than all the others including world at war???

  • @Tomas Hollo

    Hey, I just said what everyone was thinking.

  • So who won the contest?

  • Staff

    Winners will be announced at the end of the month.

  • Well its all about luck well atleast i think it is i thought my number 9 was lucky


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