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$100 GameStop Gift Cards Make Monday Better Than Friday! {expired}

It's the "Why so happy on a Monday?" Sweepstakes!

Everybody loves the weekend: eat, play, sleep. Repeat. And then Monday comes around...  So we decided to mess with the merciless Overlord of Everything Boring and Uncool. Every Sunday in October we select a winner and on MONDAY we're giving away one $100 GameStop Gift Card. Would that give you a reason to smile on a Monday? Here's what you gotta do:

First, you must be logged in (if you're not a member yet, well whatchu waitin' fo'). Next, click on the link below that says, click here for the Happy Monday Sweepstakes portal. Now here's the challenge, when you get to that page there's an image that looks just like the one above BUT somewhere between the flowers, the squirrels and the Bunny from GameStop, we hid the Entry Button. Here's a hint, it says, "Click Here to Enter."

Good Luck!!

And if you win, you better make sure you have a HUGE smile on your face all day, so people will ask: "Why so happy on a Monday?"

Click Here for the Happy Monday Sweepstakes portal!  {this sweepstakes has ended}

Challenge numero deux:  Hit the reply button and tell me (or better, show me!)  what puts a smile on your face on a Monday. (or Tuesday, since it's still not Friday).

  • Staff

    Tomorrow's contest is COLOSSAL, but it only runs 4 days!

    (I don't think I've ever used the word 'colossal' in my life.)

  • Oh well.

    Maybe I'll win one of the remaining 3.

  • It can't connect to the remote server.

  • has anyone won yet???

  • Staff

    @ DaHarvMasta:  Yes. Winners are announced on the right side bar. 3 more to go for this one.

    @everybody:  We're working on the server issue. Still tweaking to make it all work smoothly. Thanks for your patience.

  • error message says contest server is down today

  • Wakeing up and going to work  so i can afford to actually play the games i love puts a smile on my face...(oh a owning people in c.o.d. 4 that works 2..lol)

  • It says unable to connect to remote server. Wow that's very sad.

    Anyways i clicked the words that are highlighted in blue and two of them stand out.


    and a huge rabbit or bunny

  • What makes me smile is when I can enter this. J/K I can't enter today.

  • Waking up to my wife

  • My family always puts a smile on my face. Having so many people to love and who love me back is the best thing in the world!

  • Playing a brand new (good) game during a long weekend. No work no chores just you and your game.

  • AWE, not this one too ----There was an error with your submission.Unable to connect to the remote server.

    If I can't play - I can't win and really want to win this one too!!!  

    Still can't find the "COLOSSAL" contest that only runs for 4 days :(

  • What makes me smile on a Monday?

    The fact that I graduated High School and don't gotta wake up early anymore and sleep in! :D

  • What makes me happy on Mondays? The fact that I dont have to wake up early to go to class....Until next semester. yea, college is sooo fun.

  • Smiles galore when monday rears its brutish face soley because of Burgers. My weekly tradition.

  • Playing games on Monday put a smile on my face

  • Winng a hundred dollar gamestop giftcard wuold put a smile on my ace. Considering winning this would give my parents reason to let me buy a good next-gen console.Oh how I wish I could win this.

  • Well who wouldn't be happy if it's the Monday before Borderlands comes out. Did I mention it's also fall break? There's nothing like getting hyped the day before a big release so this Monday will be great.

  • Seeing all the updates to the webcomics and gamesites every monday makes me smile.