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$100 GameStop Gift Cards Make Monday Better Than Friday! {expired}

It's the "Why so happy on a Monday?" Sweepstakes!

Everybody loves the weekend: eat, play, sleep. Repeat. And then Monday comes around...  So we decided to mess with the merciless Overlord of Everything Boring and Uncool. Every Sunday in October we select a winner and on MONDAY we're giving away one $100 GameStop Gift Card. Would that give you a reason to smile on a Monday? Here's what you gotta do:

First, you must be logged in (if you're not a member yet, well whatchu waitin' fo'). Next, click on the link below that says, click here for the Happy Monday Sweepstakes portal. Now here's the challenge, when you get to that page there's an image that looks just like the one above BUT somewhere between the flowers, the squirrels and the Bunny from GameStop, we hid the Entry Button. Here's a hint, it says, "Click Here to Enter."

Good Luck!!

And if you win, you better make sure you have a HUGE smile on your face all day, so people will ask: "Why so happy on a Monday?"

Click Here for the Happy Monday Sweepstakes portal!  {this sweepstakes has ended}

Challenge numero deux:  Hit the reply button and tell me (or better, show me!)  what puts a smile on your face on a Monday. (or Tuesday, since it's still not Friday).

  • The lovely new Game Informer site is what brightens up my Monday...and every other day for that matter.

  • What brightens my day on monday or anyday: All the new members of the community. On the old forums we would get around 10 new guys and gals every 6 months or so and half the time they would disappear after a week.

    Now hopefully we can get them used to the orderly way this community runs and they'll stick around this time.

  • Finally getting an Xbox 360 with this gift card....that would make me happy any day.

  • Hey it said I was unable to enter, did I just press it too much.

  • Staff


    probably. You can only enter once a day, but I like your enthusiasm.

  • This


  • Waking up on a Monday morning to find my class was canceled because my professor was sleeping in in anticipation of the midnight release of the Show last year. Beautiful, I tell you.

  • Winning a gift card from my favorite gaming store so that I can stop using my husband's Elite Xbox 360 would make my Monday!

  • Sitting next to that cute girl in communications class....

  • did somebody win yet?

  • (look at the pic)



  • I dont get it... no school? >>-

  • I like to come home from a long day of school and take a leasurly stroll through Rapture saying high to the new splicers next door and help them with their new electrical problems that i give them. Then I like to explore the vast recesses of space to find what new things could have a mass effect on my virtual life. Then eat some nachos yum. and watch Scrubs. Nothing could be better

  • Well I don't know about other mondays, but this monday...

    I'm getting a PUPPY!!!!

  • Mod

    Blast, I'll have to hope that next monday is better!  I'm in the market for a Wii, and a $100 gift card would certainly help.

  • 100 dollar gift card!!!

  • "waiting for winner to confirm she's a living breathing humanoid"

    Well shoot, that disqualifies me for this week, congrats to the lucky lady who won.

  • I hope the winner is a zombie....

  • well for this semester i love Mondays cause i go to class and am done at 8am haha, yea early wakeup but then im free to game

  • Coffee