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$100 GameStop Gift Cards Make Monday Better Than Friday! {expired}

It's the "Why so happy on a Monday?" Sweepstakes!

Everybody loves the weekend: eat, play, sleep. Repeat. And then Monday comes around...  So we decided to mess with the merciless Overlord of Everything Boring and Uncool. Every Sunday in October we select a winner and on MONDAY we're giving away one $100 GameStop Gift Card. Would that give you a reason to smile on a Monday? Here's what you gotta do:

First, you must be logged in (if you're not a member yet, well whatchu waitin' fo'). Next, click on the link below that says, click here for the Happy Monday Sweepstakes portal. Now here's the challenge, when you get to that page there's an image that looks just like the one above BUT somewhere between the flowers, the squirrels and the Bunny from GameStop, we hid the Entry Button. Here's a hint, it says, "Click Here to Enter."

Good Luck!!

And if you win, you better make sure you have a HUGE smile on your face all day, so people will ask: "Why so happy on a Monday?"

Click Here for the Happy Monday Sweepstakes portal!  {this sweepstakes has ended}

Challenge numero deux:  Hit the reply button and tell me (or better, show me!)  what puts a smile on your face on a Monday. (or Tuesday, since it's still not Friday).

  • What makes me happy on Mondays?  Coffee and listening to some Weird Al :-D

  • A new gameinformer website design put a smile on my face this past Monday!

  • Mod

    What puts a smile on my face on Mondays?  Why hanging out with everyone on the GI forums of course!  That and playing video games or watching anime while sipping a beer after getting off from work.  But these things are good any day of the week ^_^

  • Staff

    I love riding my bike to work on a sunny morning... even if it's Monday.

  • Monday is Friday for me, I feel like that's cheating.  My first day of the work week is Thursday.  So on that day I am happy because: It's only a 7 hour work day, I always wake up with this woman that still has not found out that I don't deserve her, and that I never had to do a video review of the PSPgo.

  • This contest =D

  • Actually, Monday (yesterday) was one of the worst days of my life. What made me happy was the end of it.

  • Staff


    Sad to hear, but we're glad it turned for the better.

  • I think the thing that makes me smile on Mondays is seeing my boyfriend. (corny i know) :D

  • What puts a smile on my face on a Monday? Hmmm....Gamer Mags (and sites) with a sense of humor. lol. My main reason to smile on Mondays are my kids and hubby (of course) and that I love my job!

  • I'm getting the same thing on both games.  "You are unable to enter sweepstakes at this time.  Try again later."  Did I not pay enough homage to the site builders?

  • Cause on mondays I could be a *** and use monday as an excuse.

    Mondays FTW! :D

  • What would put a smile on my face is if I was actually able to enter the sweepstakes =( Error, error, error...

  • XM radio--funny in the morning!

  • Cupcakes

  • Because tomorrow COD modern warfare 2 comes out

  • Because tomorrow COD modern warfare 2 comes out

  • Monday Night Football is what makes me happy on a Monday.

  • yeah the link wasn't working for me either

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