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$100 GameStop Gift Cards Make Monday Better Than Friday! {expired}

It's the "Why so happy on a Monday?" Sweepstakes!

Everybody loves the weekend: eat, play, sleep. Repeat. And then Monday comes around...  So we decided to mess with the merciless Overlord of Everything Boring and Uncool. Every Sunday in October we select a winner and on MONDAY we're giving away one $100 GameStop Gift Card. Would that give you a reason to smile on a Monday? Here's what you gotta do:

First, you must be logged in (if you're not a member yet, well whatchu waitin' fo'). Next, click on the link below that says, click here for the Happy Monday Sweepstakes portal. Now here's the challenge, when you get to that page there's an image that looks just like the one above BUT somewhere between the flowers, the squirrels and the Bunny from GameStop, we hid the Entry Button. Here's a hint, it says, "Click Here to Enter."

Good Luck!!

And if you win, you better make sure you have a HUGE smile on your face all day, so people will ask: "Why so happy on a Monday?"

Click Here for the Happy Monday Sweepstakes portal!  {this sweepstakes has ended}

Challenge numero deux:  Hit the reply button and tell me (or better, show me!)  what puts a smile on your face on a Monday. (or Tuesday, since it's still not Friday).

  • hope I win one

  • that would be sweet to win since i wasted my Borderlands money on Op.Flashpoint Dragon Rising and it really isn't even functional (multiplayer)at the moment. i can usually only get about 1 game per month on my income and i made a bad.....very bad choice this month!

  • Winning contests and gift cards on Mondays makes me happy on a monday!

  • Hmm let's see...Monday's means House, Heroes, and my wife watching both with me. All of those make me happy :)Oh, and occasionally I get GI on mondays...

  • waking up in a good mood lets me know its gonna be a good day

  • The ability to actually be able to afford some new games thanks to this contest.

    Oh, and my girlfriend's messages she leaves for me in the mornings before school. Insert whipped noises.

  • Staff

    @darthveggie: you have the first user name that got a laugh out of me. i just created a whole new star wars movie in my head...

  • wakeing up knowing there four days left until friday whooooooooo!!!!!!!

  • hmm...on monday, i enjoy...this website! hows dat for an answer :3

  • morning head

  • Waffles... because i do like waffles

  • um, reading this? :D

  • Mondays suck winning one of those cards would bring happyness and joy to my monday

  • If i win its going towards an xbox 360 for sure.

  • Woww links broken...fail

  • Waking up to GameInformer.com makes me happy on Mondays. I get to talk about the stuff I love. It can't get better than that right?

  • Mod

    Whoa, it's Thursday evening and Week 3's winner still hasn't claimed their prize?  Is there a bot a work here, or a serious digital dummy?


  • When my 360 isn't going to the repair center.

  • Mod

    So what happens in the event that the prize remains unclaimed?  I would look at this sweepstake's rules yet this one's rules link sends you to the Fortune Hunter sweepstakes rules page instead for some reason.