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Everyday Giveaway: 31 Days - 31 Winners! {expired}

To celebrate our spankin' new website (ooh shiny...), our friends from GMG Entertainment have provided us with a great selection of prepaid cards to give away to our loyal community. For the entire month of October, we're going to give away one Prepaid Gaming Card every. single. day! From 3D fantasy worlds to action packed RPGs to virtual worlds and MMOs, there's something here for everyone. We have Outspark, GamersFirst, GamesCampus, and gPotato cards. Something for every taste.

How does it work? If you're signed in right now, just follow the link below to our contest entry page and click the "Enter Here" button. Done. If you're not already signed up, what are you waiting for? Sign-up, come back here and enter for your chance at some prepaid gaming "ka-ching." You can only enter once per day, but since there's 31 days in October... you do the math.

Click here to enter the Sweepstakes! {this GiveAway has ended}

Good Luck and come back tomorrow for another chance to win!

Pssst, just between you and me, and that old lady with the magnifying glass (yea, I see you gramma)  if you're excited about this one, just wait what I got for you next week... ;-)

  • need ta win

  • I want one so bad. Ive never won anything like this before though so I am very doubtful. still im gonna enter every day.

  • You guys have a lot going on for this new month website but I do agree this is a great new site.

  • i want one   i want one ..u know, just give me one for old times sake

  • Yaaaaaah!!!

  • Finally!!!

  •   Awesome stuff!!!!!

  • awesome dude

  • I hope I get one ^^

  • Thats dope, but I don't play any of those games.

  • awesome

  • yay! if i get a card ima sell it at school at the geek lunch table :D

  • Sweet online games rock!

  • Is this one over? there is no "Enter Here" button on my page, and yes I am signed in.

  • Staff

    There's this contest that goes up tomorrow and it only runs for 4 days...

    ...and it is GINORMOUS!!!

  • I keep getting this message,"There was an error with your submission.Unable to connect to the remote server."

    If I can't play - I can't win and really want to win!!!  

    Also I can't find the new GINORMOUS contest that only runs for 4 days :(

  • Pick ME, Pick ME, Pick Me

  • Hey, I keep getting this message:

     Thanks! You have already entered or we were unable to process your request. Please try again tomorrow.

    But it was only the first time I entered for the day.

  • Hey I got that message too.  I haven't been able to get this contest to work right since Friday.

  • i bet theres a playstationnetwork card with my name on it =p