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Everyday Giveaway: 31 Days - 31 Winners! {expired}

To celebrate our spankin' new website (ooh shiny...), our friends from GMG Entertainment have provided us with a great selection of prepaid cards to give away to our loyal community. For the entire month of October, we're going to give away one Prepaid Gaming Card every. single. day! From 3D fantasy worlds to action packed RPGs to virtual worlds and MMOs, there's something here for everyone. We have Outspark, GamersFirst, GamesCampus, and gPotato cards. Something for every taste.

How does it work? If you're signed in right now, just follow the link below to our contest entry page and click the "Enter Here" button. Done. If you're not already signed up, what are you waiting for? Sign-up, come back here and enter for your chance at some prepaid gaming "ka-ching." You can only enter once per day, but since there's 31 days in October... you do the math.

Click here to enter the Sweepstakes! {this GiveAway has ended}

Good Luck and come back tomorrow for another chance to win!

Pssst, just between you and me, and that old lady with the magnifying glass (yea, I see you gramma)  if you're excited about this one, just wait what I got for you next week... ;-)

  • Cool!!! :-))

  • Nice, hope i get one of those...

  • Sweet, anything for world of warcraft in there...? :D GI is awesome

  • I wonder what is in store for next week as the the little green message said.

  • I'm really digging the new site. Plus a contest to go with it. We <3 You GI :D

  • Nice! Too bad I don't play any computer games now that my gaming PC is broken. I really have to get that fixed...

  • Rad! Who doesn't love free swag?

  • This would be a nice prize ^^

  • Man, I never win anything.   Here's hoping Lady Luck is on my side now.

  • Cool!

  • Staff

    @B Boy G Force, let's see some pics of you or your crew in action. Post them on your profile page.

  • cool contests hope i win one GI PWNS

  • Staff

    Alright peoples, I've started contacting winners, you better check your email...

    hint: one of the people who posted a comment is actually a winner!

  • Oh please! I want an Outspark card sooo bad! :D

  • When you click on the link for the sweepstakes rules, it directs you to the rules for the Wii contest.  

  • Staff

    Thanks Scott. Looking into it.

  • Gah a slim chance, I have no idea why I get excited over these things.

  • Need a new WoW card...

  • what ever card i win thats the game i will start playing ^_^

  • contest r cool

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